Well... onto my last week in this 6-week program. Officially it's a winding-down week, but I'm more inclined to make it a booster week. I feel like I'm only just starting, and I certainly don't want to wind down... I want to rev-it-up.

The reason I've bunched these four days is that there's not a lot new to say about them. Days 1 and 3 workouts are "strength-1" at 70% - which is pretty easy to do now. Days 2 and 4 are taken up with 20 minutes of cardioflow - again, nothing new or strenuous. The meals are low-carb and slow-carb... same old same old. Just a matter of running through the motions.

The program gets a boost again after this... a sprint to the end. End? I don't want it to end!

My final review will be next week of course, but I just want to share my transformation up to this stage. Remember this image from my Bio-page...
...that was my state at the beginning of the program next to an image which showed how I'd like to look in 6 weeks. Well I took another picture a few days ago, in the same pose as "my ideal", and here's the result.....
not bad heh?  I must admit I'm really pretty close, and I can see clearly what still needs to be worked on. I´m actually quite proud of myself  - that´s a damn good physique for a 53 year old, even if I do say so myself... I´m certainly not ashamed of it anymore.

Can you imagine the excitement I´m feeling right now? A kind of  " If I can do this, I can do anything"  feeling. This is going to be a great year, a great life...

Well... okay... I´m hyped - up, so lets get stuck in to the final few days, and see what that brings.
1/10/2012 05:14:00

Hey mike that looks nice! i'm impressed...i'm sure it feels great too :-) when i read this i amost can't wait myself to 'finish' this new baby- of course healthy and sweet and then start myself to become in good shape!
well done and i hope you'll succeed in a long term fitness!

1/12/2012 21:58:35

Thanks Danielle. Don't hurry the baby! And concerning the "long-time-fitness"...well I've no intention of stopping now. See ya soon.

1/29/2012 05:15:44

;-)) indeed no rush here....enjoying my growing tummy wich distracts me many moments...the cosy little kiks and butterfly-like 'gefrummel'..

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