Stormy outside so I spent the whole day inside. Gave me the time to really relax and focus on my meals... eating slowly, chewing well, right mealtimes, enough water...
It was a moderate-carb day, so I could enjoy some fruit in the diet.

I only did my workout in the evening - around 7pm. Back to the Strength-1 routine, with the single-leg squats, rocca-press, quad-press, leg-lifts and v-ups.

I was curious... after my level advancement in the last workouts, I wondered if I could keep up with the "follow-along video" from Shapeshifter. I'd never actually tried this because I was focussing so much on the exercises and the clock. I've been managing around 18 to 20 reps of most of the exercises in the 45 seconds alloted to each of them. Then I watched the video and saw how Ryan was coping - turns out he was doing the movements slower than me with an average of 16 reps - of course his performance was controlled and smooth, but he only did one round for the video. Emulating his performance on my first round was easy - only when I got to round 3 and 4 did I feel myself tiring and taking short pauzes during the reps.

But I'm happy with my level and performance - not quite the expert, but on the first round I can certainly look the part.

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