Another Fasting day, and another session of Stack workout...
I've been doing this workout at level 3 the last 2 sessions, but limiting it to 5 rounds. Today I went the whole hog and did a full 10 rounds - unthinkable a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't easy, but I'm on a sprint to the finish and I'm pushing myself harder than I've done in the past.

No result without action. I'm as guilty as the next person to want something for nothing. Wanting my body to look and feel great, but without wanting to put too much effort into it. I read somewhere about getting results from exercising - the writer talked of  "...exercising like a man". Well I've been exercising like a wimp. Now, with the end in sight, I'm finally realizing what I need to be doing, what I could have been doing... and I'm wondering what my results would have been had I put more effort in all through the program.

But hey!!! it isn't the end is it? Even after the 6 weeks is up, I can start again, do another 6 weeks - and this time " a man". In fact, it's never the end. And that's what I'm most thankful for - I'm tasting the benefits, and I can well imagine where I'll be and how I'll look and feel in, say, 6 months. And I'm looking forward to that. I actually wake up in the mornings now, looking forward to working out. How's that for a transformation?

I've revised my goals now too. I believe ít's too late to realistically expect to put on any considerable muscle mass in this last 10 days - my own fault for not following the nutrition plan strictly enough. But I got to thinking...

What's most important to me at this moment? The answer is to lose as much bodyfat as I can. Let's get rid of that first. The bulking can come later. I've always had a lean build, and I really like that "lean and ripped" look (...surfers... Brad Pitt in Fight Club!). I should focus on achieving this transformation first - it suits my body, and my desires, and it suits my needs for all the activities I want to experience in the near future. I figure I can enjoy this "physique" for a while, then later, focus my attention and efforts on "pumping up" to achieve the "DanielCraig/Bond look". I've got the time... there's no hurry.

Having made this decision has given another boost to my motivation, and a definite goal to focus on. There are so many "stunning physiques" I could desire, but I can't have them all at the same time. Now I know what I want, and it's not so far away.

So now I intend to do all my workouts at full effort and top level - I'm really not a beginner anymore... I feel like a Shapeshifter.

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