I decided that I would get back into the Shapeshifter week-routine - and that meant making today another fast-day. I'm not sure if it matters which days to do your fasting on, but I think they've planned the specific workouts to make the most use of these periods without food.
Fast days, I notice, have two workout sessions - and though I missed Monday's with the excuse that I would have to get up too early, I wanted to try this out.
I was up at 5:45. No breakfast, glass of water, then hup! on my bike. It's ten minutes cycling to my  school if I keep the tempo high, and this was a good opportunity to get warmed-up in advance. Being warm meant I could skip the session warm-up and go straight into the workout.
Afterburner 2 - Lunge jump/climber/stinger combo - I did level 2 for 5 rounds (what an improvement on my first week).

Cool down, shower, water... it was around 7am when I was finished - ready to start my workday... and ready for a coffee.

My PM workout was quick - 2 rounds of Afterburner 1 (flamingo/monkey/deadbug/dogburp). I managed to do the full routine this time. Happy about that. The "dogburp" is super-tiring though - never realised how much jumping takes it out of you.

Some of my work today was also heavy... brushing a great pool of rainwater away into the drains... removing a heavy block of stone out the ground and re-paving where it had been... playing piano for the kids...(ok, maybe that wasn't so physically demanding).

My fast was broken with the evening dinner - pork with sprouts and carrots and a little vegetarian gravy. I had a protein-drink as bedtime snack, and I was under the covers by 10:30.

Two days fasting should get this belly down nicely.

12/8/2011 00:18:37

How are you finding the fasting affects your performance? I've been toying around with different fasting protocols and getting great results!

12/8/2011 20:31:57

Hi Paddy,
I can't say I've noticed if it affects my performance or not. I'm pretty much used to working long hours without eating, and on a normal day I find I get drowsy if I "do" eat. As far as the workouts go, well... I'm still at a beginner's stage, so it's hard to tell what my performance improvements are down to - growing strength and condition, or the effects of fasting.
That said, I'm excited by the whole idea and find it a fascinating part of the diet - and I should be able to say more on the matter when I've had a bit more experience. Love to hear about the great results you've been getting. Thanks for reading.


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