As Shapeshifter puts it: usually, the best results come when you slow down. And this whole week has been a "winding down" period - with only one intensive workout scheduled on day 5. But it's funny - I've gotton so used to working out over the last 5 weeks, that "winding down" has felt just as difficult as "starting up".

Seriously! It feels as if the program ended a week ago  - and this has been a long week. If I hadn't been doing the running sessions which I recently began (see blog), I'd have the feeling that I hadn't done anything this week.

This is interesting and important in it's own right - it makes me realise just how much  following the program, the exercises, the diet, has become a part of my life - I can't imagine not working out, not watching what I eat...  I understand the Shapeshifter reasoning, that's why I've followed protocol, but I'm already missing it.

There's a gap in my life, and I've got to make some decisions... what now, what's the next step?

Well, I answer these and other questions in my "final program evaluation" in the Shapeshifter-Review section of this site... which I've called "The Truth"!  In this section I include my full analysis of the program, and include my final "After-photo" and an evaluation of my results. So don't miss that.

But now I've come to the end of my "Program Diary". It's been an adventure that started what seems like ages ago. Funny how 6 weeks can pass so quickly yet seem so long. It's not the end of the adventure though... as I stop here, I continue further on my blog. I'll see you there.