Well, here it is... the last day.
No workout as such - just a session of the "Regeneration" routine.

I've not written about this routine before, so now is a good moment to talk about it. The "Regen" session is a series of  low-intensity mobility exercises and yoga-type routines, designed to accelerate recovery, prevent overtraining, and diminish the delayed onset of muscle-soreness people experience with intense exercise programs. It's a full-body flowing routine that restores your body to balance. Much like the cool-down exercises after each workout focus on the isolated muscles used in that workout - the "regen" focusses on the whole body in one session. 

It takes a while to learn the session so that you can do it without having to follow the video (similar to the cardioflow routine in that respect), but once you've got the hang of it, it's quite simple - and you don't realise just how stiff you've been til you start doing this session.

It's a good break from the intensity of the strength and cardio exercises, and gives you a better feeling than if you just hang around on the 7th day of each week.

So that was it - the meals for the day follow the "good-carb" recommendations; and the Lifestyle section runs through a review of all the "digestive-health" topics of the last 6 weeks. Finally you're reminded to take your final measurements and "after-photo" so you can make the comparison with your start-physique.

In the next, and last post of this "Program Diary" I'll make an evaluation of this 6th week. Then comes the "full final evaluation" of the whole program experience - but I'll publish that in the Shapeshifter review section of this site.