It's obvious that this week was a mile-stone week for me. It already seems a lot longer than 5 weeks ago that I started with the program - full of excitement, but curious about my ability and motivation to stick with it.

I've had some ups and downs, some stops and starts, some doubts... but I stuck with it. And it's now, at the end of the fifth week, that I can honestly say I'm finally into it. I understand the nutrition and can adapt it for my own goals without feeling tied completely and dependently on the Shapeshifter mealplan.

And I'm not struggling with the exercises anymore - I've attained a level of strength and endurance which allows me to follow the workouts effectively - I focus now on the intensity of my training instead of on whether I'm doing the exercises right or not.

And I've seen results - performance results that I'm already able to use to my advantage in other physical activities.

But the most important transformation I've made during this week, is a lifestyle one. I don't have to fight my old behavior-patterns in order to motivate myself to work out. I have developed a new pattern that welcomes exercise into my daily lifestyle. And I'll never have to struggle to make that first step again, or that New-Year's resolution to finally start exercising, finally do something about the belly-fat. I started, I stuck with it, and now it's an automated part of my life.

Now the future of my body, my health and fitness, and all my physical dreams and goals, is really starting to feel within my reach. And that is exciting.