Day 6 was pretty uneventful. I just followed the cardioflow routine, which is becoming easier and more flowing - I do this as part of the "stack" workout, so the extra practise is paying off. Nutrition was "moderate carb", so I enjoyed some extra fruit in my diet.

On the Shapeshifter front, day 7 was also uneventful. I did a morning session of the "regeneration" routine, which is a long but relaxed yoga-type stretching routine. Still nice to loosen this stiff old body.

I did the follow-up "neuroboost" routine later in the evening. And I relaxed a little on the diet because it's good-carb day. Chance for a little rice with my chicken and veggies and salad.

I ran out of my protein-powder a little while back, but finally got round to buying some more... so I've been drinking that as my snack during the day.

I also bought some "creatine" powder - This is one of the extra supplements Shapeshifter recommends. It's supposed to increase the endurance power of the muscles so you can work longer and more effectively - all this having a positive and speedier effect on the muscle-building process.

I chose not to use this throughout this program - wanting to see what my body can achieve all on its own. But the last week is coming up and I find it interesting to see if I experience anything by using it. That'll be in week 7, so I'll let you know.

The "eventful" part of my day, came outside the Shapeshifter program... I went running with a friend of mine. He's been running for years, I've just started. How that went, you can read on my blog.

One last thing...
There are three elements to the Shapeshifter program to follow each day, and they are:
1 - Workout
2 - Diet
3 - Lifestyle

This last area I've pretty much ignored. I've been deep into self-awareness and self-development for ages now, and there was nothing new for me in these sections. However, today's lifestyle topic was about healthy digestion, and this was something new for me. Every 7th day, the Lifestyle element discusses a different part of the digestion system, and it was fascinating to learn about this again (long long time since school biology lessons). So I read all the articles from week 1 to now.

Knowing a little more about what happens with your food from the moment it goes into your body to the moment it comes out, really gives you another relationship to your body and the stuff you feed it on. It's also important to understand that a good-functioning digestion system is as vital to your health and fitness as any workout or diet you could follow.

Always good to learn something new!