New Year's Day (forget the date above - I'm late writing this). When other people are enjoying their last official binge before the new-year blues set in (and the first attempts at starting resolutions), I'm busy with my workout.

I can't say I've been a saint as far as the diet is concerned - New-year in Holland has a tradition of eating fatty doughballs filled with raisins and smothered in icing-sugar. These are called Olie-bollen (deep-fried), and I ate my fill. Though my fill was kept to 3 throughout the day, I ate them without the sugar, and the rest of the day was low-carb.

My workout was needed then more than ever. Today's was "strength-2"... "focussing on lactic “burn” for accelerated fat loss. This workout is also designed to maintain or even build new muscle mass and strength."

And... I worked hard - did everything at level 3. The only thing that causes problems, is still the "screw-up". Though I tried it carefully, and I managed a couple despite my shoulder injury. So that's something!

It's really pleasing to experience the strength I've now got in my legs. At the beginning, holding a lunge position for 30 seconds was excrutiating... now I can hold them comfortably  for 50.

The festive distractions are more or less over now. You can feel the world getting back into normal daily routines. This is good for me - I feel I can return my focus more exclusively to the rest of the program. Only 11 more days to go, but it's only now that I'm really starting to feel the benefits, feel my body growing again... transforming towards my dream. Now I've got the hang of all the exercises; now I've got the strength to make something of them. Maybe this is what the 6 weeks is all about