Another fasting day, combined with the Shapeshifter "Stack" workout. No problem with the fasting - it was a relatively short day seeing as I only got up at 11am - one of my rare "lie-ins".

Actually I don't have any difficulties with the fasting even on a long day, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't stop with this part of the program now. My main goal over the next two weeks is to build muscle mass. I really don't have that much body-fat to lose anymore (lucky me!), so I think I have to decide if I need these fast-days or not - or if they're going to be counter-productive to my goal. It's not as if I intend to stuff myself with fat-building foods - I'll stick to the low-carb diet - but I will be increasing my efforts on the workouts, so this should be enough to ensure I continue to keep the fat at bay, even while I'm taking in more calories.

The workout was "stack" - another dynamic fat-burning routine: Afterburner 2, followed by Cardioflow. I tried something new again - I've mentioned earlier about the different levels within this routine - top level (3) of Afterburner being 14 reps of lungejump, 12 reps of Climber, and 10 reps of Stinger - all within the minute, starting on the minute, and resting in the time left over.

My challenge today was to complete 5 full rounds, in the recommended time, but at level 3. Well I did it - 4 weeks ago this was impossible. Proof again of my development. To follow I did 15 minutes of the Cardioflow sequence, which is also improving with every session.

I did all this around 5pm, and ate my first meal at 7pm. I can't say I experienced any lack of energy as a result of working out on an empty stomach. My meal was low-carb/high calorie, with lots of veg and beef. My "before-bed" snack was a nut-mix - I'm out of protein-drink... have to buy some more.

On another note... I've started putting my increased stamina and strength to the test. My incentive to start this program was to develop my body so it would not only look good, but would function better too, allowing me to enjoy a broad variety of physical activities. I believe the Shapeshifter workouts create this "all-round, full-body condition of strength, agility, endurance and suppleness - so I want to see now if I can do other things than just Shapeshifter workouts.

I've chosen two extra activity-challenges for the next two weeks:
1) Running - something I've always wanted to get into, but just couldn't get into...
2) Handstand push-up - my first "Great New Body" party-trick!

These are not part of the Shapeshifter program so I'm not going to discuss them further here. But if you want to know how I get on with these extra challenges, then head on over to my "BLOG".