So, the Christmas celebrations are over, the food is eaten, the world is functioning as normal again, before the final party that brings in the new year. It's time to get back on the wagon and pick up where I left off.

Week 5... only two weeks of the program left... and a strong desire to make the most of it. In these last few days I've been able to reflect on the last 4 weeks. It seems ages ago that I started the program, but it's only a month. I've made great progress - so much that I wonder why I struggled so much, instead of putiing more effort into what I did so as to make even more progress. But maybe it just takes a month for a body that's so new to "exercise"  to get into the swing - I mean, I haven't done any sport since I left school at 16, and that was a loooooonnnggg time ago... changing a lifetime habit in 4 weeks is probably the greatest benefit of this program. And I do feel, now, that my life has changed. After 4 weeks, I feel I've missed something if I haven't done a workout. Wow...Shapeshifter is also a "mind-shifter".

So how did my day go?  Day 1... double workout day. In the morning 2 "rounds of "Afterburner-1". I did 3 rounds... full warm-up, no cool-down. Working on my balance doing the "flamingo" exercise. This is the workout with the strange-sounding names - but again I see progress. I can do the "dog-burps" now, which were exhausting in the beginning.

For nutrition, I started with a heavy breakfast of meat and veggies - warm-up from a Christmas meal. Must have been high in calories, and that's what I need to develop in this last 2 weeks, to build the musclemass I desperately need. I drank lots of water during the day... making sure I keep this under control too.

I took my measurements down again. Seems I've put on a cm or so around the waist (doesn't surprise me), but I've gained in the muscle areas too, so I'm going in the right direction.

I snacked during the day with nuts and cheese and some bread - this is wrong carb, but I just need to eat now. My evening meal was the recommended low-carb/high protein and fat though, with more meat and veggies and salad - using up all the stuff I bought in for Christmas.

In the early evening I did the 2nd part of my workout: "strength-1". 6 rounds of 45-second exercises. I did the full 6 rounds, but I kept the repetitions down to 15 per exercise - I can get more in, but I wouldn't finish 6 rounds. Another surprise is the "quad-squat" exercise... this was another killer in the beginning, but now I've got the hang of it and some extra strength, I managed to fit in 30 reps of this in 45 secs. By the last round  I have to admit I was feeling shattered, but recovery is quick. I'm finding that I'm starting to enjoy the process of exercising more. I mean even in the moments close to exaustion, when normally you think "why the hell am I doing this", I'm starting to get pleasure out of reaching my limit, knowing that I'm on the verge of surpassing it. This is a great boost to my morale.

So, to finish, I'm back in the game with a vengeance. I have no further distractions, and whole days to focus on my eating and workouts. I've got a goal over the next two weeks... to build muscle-mass and muscle-definition. I'm getting seriously busy with my transformation.