It's pretty clear from the daily posts that this week has been one of measurable improvement in performance and strength.

All the struggles I had in the beginning, physical and psychological, have all but disappeared, and I'm starting to feel the positive effects. I can't argue with the physical measurements - I'm getting thinner where I wanted to get thinner, and I'm broadening out in all the right places. This boosts my confidence, both in myself and in the program.

I've also reached that important point where working-out is no longer alien to me... it has become a leading factor in my lifestyle. I can go as far as to say that exercising is here to stay.

And as with the workouts, I've also gotton so used to watching what I eat, that this habit too has embedded itself into my mental-conditioning.

Reading through the instructions on the Shapeshifter site for this week, I notice that they also refer to the fact that this is the week where you can expect other people to notice change. It seems that it's the normal progression of the program - it just takes this long to reach this point. The fact that they confirm my experience gives me even more trust and satisfaction with the program.

But what next? Week 5 begins, and despite the natural course of improvement I've already experienced, I'm still hoping for more impressive physical change... not in strength or fat-loss (I think they are very much under control - I was never grossly fat, and the strength is growing daily) but in muscle-mass.

The problem for me - as I see it - is that I have to eat double what I normally eat in order to gain some mass. But that is an enormous amount, and I can't help but worry about building up the flab around my waist again while trying to build muscle over the rest of my body. Logic, and the program, tells me this won't happen as long as I keep up with the training, but I worry still.

My only way out is to come back to the purpose of this "program-diary"... to just follow the program and just "see" what the results are after 6 weeks, instead of setting a specific goal for myself. I lose sight of this purpose in my excitement and enthusiasm about reaching an "ideal" as quickly as possible.

To get back to my evaluation of this week  - it feels as if I reached a plateau, where I could rest and just go through the motions, and prepare myself for the most intense part of the project which is to come. And which I'm ready for. Which I've been primed for.