Day 6 (sunday) was pretty uneventful so it doesn't seem worth writing a full post for it. The workout was 12 minutes of cardioflow, which I did at home. And my meals were a repeat of day5's. So just more of the same, and going through the motions. I had other things on my mind and agenda too.

Day 7, and the end of week 4... well let's start with this "Good-Carb-Day". Finally, what's considered as a "cheat" day on the Shapeshifter program. The chance to add some of the things you've been missing from your diet the last 4 weeks. I'm talking, for example,  rice, potatoes, bread... they are the "good" good-carbs, as opposed to the "bad" good-carbs like refined sugars and processed foods - these you still can't touch.

But who'd do that? Well, it's those sweet, delicious, luxury fattening foods that are the most addictive, that you crave for the most - that "I" crave for in any case. But at the same time, I'm só protective now of the fat-loss I've achieved around my middle that I really could not risk that all coming back just because I felt weak and stuffed myself to satisfy those cravings. Christmas is coming, and I know I'm not going to be so strict over those days, but until then, I need to make the most of this fat-burning process. So even though I can add some "extra" carbs to my meals, I'm not going to go wild (and Shapeshifter advises this too). Keep my meals pretty much to the same low-carb pattern, but enjoy a little extra on the side.

The whole idea is as a psychological break, and to load up on muscle glycogen. As Shapeshifter explains: "This can be extremely valuable from a mental and emotional perspective because it gives you a break from the grind of nutritional discipline. But it’s also beneficial from a physiological perspective because it pumps the muscles full of fuel for the days to come. There’s even some evidence that cheat days can bolster levels of the hormone leptin, which tends to plummet along with calorie restriction and fat loss. Leptin controls hunger (the lower it gets the hungrier you are), so manipulating this hormone can help your fat loss."

Whatever! Breakfast was eggs, with a slice of wholemeal bread; lunch was chicken salad with avocado, tomato and cucumber; dinner was (again) chicken and mixed veg and... rice.

Workout for the day... "regen" and "neuroboost" for 10 minutes. Did them both at home.
Next post is my week-4 evaluation, so all my further thoughts on this week I'll save for then.