It's saturday, and I treeted myself to a lie-in - got up at 9am (which is late for me).
Since the day usually begins with breakfast, let me begin with my meals for the day. Shapeshifter calls this a "Moderate-carb day". And you can..."add in some faster acting carbs such as fruits, yogurt, squash, beets and cooked carrots (you can eat raw carrots as a “free” veggie)."
I had to get some more food in, so I went shopping as soon as I got up, and bought myself some yoghurt and fruit, and all the rest of the items I'd need for the weekend.
Breakfast was the yoghurt and fruit, with almonds thrown in - and it made a delicious change to all the high-protein/low-carb meals I've been eating up to now. So refreshing and summery - I relished every mouthfull.
During the day I snacked on nuts, and had a lunch of avocado salad, and a dinner with chicken and broccoli and carrots (cooked) with a nice curry sauce and fresh pineapple pieces. Finished off the day with a protein-drink before bed.

Workout for the day was "Strength-2 circuit": Lungehold and lungeJumps for 3 rounds, then pushup hold and scewups for 3 rounds. As with yesterday, I attempted another level here too. I held the lunges for 50 seconds (instead of 30 for level-1), and this wasn't too difficult (so some proof of leg-strength development there). I tried the same with the pushup holds, but my arms are still not strong enough so I kept this down to level-1... holding for 30 secs. And as I can't do the screwups at all I replaced them again with regular pushups.

I was in school for my workouts - making the most of my opportunity to do this... one more week and I won't be working there anymore, so goodbye luxury workout rooms!