Another fast day. One of the extra benefits of fasting is that you don't have to think about food. Of course you think about eating - and during the day you get those moments when your stomach is screaming to be filled, but they subside as quickly as they come. But you don't have to keep your eye on the clock so as not to miss the next mealtime; and you don't have to take care to make up the right amount of calories in your meal; and you don't have to decide what food you should buy and prepare to keep your meals diverse.
For one day you can put food and calories and diet out of your head - as well as out of your stomach. I find this refreshing and liberating.

I did my exercises at home in the evening... glad to get home at the end of my work-week. The session was the same as day-2...Stack! After wednesday's great experience I changed things a little for myself. I did only 10 rounds (which is actually the recommended amount of rounds) doing the first circuit of "Afterburner" - but this time I jumped up to level 3 to see just how much I'm capable of. Let me explain again:
Afterburner 2 circuit is 3 exercises for a set number of reps each, all within one minute, and rest for the remainder of the minute. So the faster you do the reps the longer you have to rest. The exercises are called "Lunge-jump, climber and stinger" and you do on level-1 ... 10 reps LJ, 8 reps CL, 6 reps ST / level-2 ... 12, 10 and 8 reps / level-3 ... 14, 12 and 10 reps.
So today I tried level 3, and boy did I notice a difference. I must admit I couldn't keep it up for the full 10 rounds. I managed 5, then dropped to level-2 for a couple more rounds, then finished the rest off at level one. I'm not dissappointed - I'm getting stronger all round and I'm noticing it more and more. It's nice to know that if I keep this up (which I will), then by the end of the program I could be doing level-3 sessions with ease. Something I'm looking forward to.
So I finished my Stack-workout with 10 minutes of Cardioflow, and the cool-down, and finally had something to eat and made myself a delicious "slow-carb" salad with tuna and cheese and grated carrot and cucumber and nuts and peppers and chickpeas...
Quoting Shapeshifter: "Slow carb days allow you to gently start the process of refilling the glycogen (energy) stores in your muscles so you’ll continue to have high levels of energy for your training."