There's nothing more motivating than getting proof that your efforts are producing results.
I had another good workout. Not so astounding as yesterday"s, but definite measurable improvement in my performance - so more strength, more endurance, better balance (which is also down to more strength in all the supporting muscles).

The session was "strength 1" - 45 seconds per exercise, 7 exercises, 1 minute rest then begin next round for a total of 6 rounds. I sweated, I groaned, I heaved... but I got through the full 6 rounds - this was impossible for me even just a week ago.

It helped enormously when I last did this session using a mirror to get my posture right. Now I'm benefitting from it. Even the V-up, which 3 weeks ago was absolute agony, is within my capabilities... I can go as far as to say that I'm starting to enjoy them. Another milestone for me.

The mealplan is back to "low-carb"- nothing new to relate there. Eggs and bacon for breakfast; steak and salad for lunch (oh, how my colleagues look on in envy!); dinner is going to be fish and veggies. I must say one thing though: sometimes I have to force myself to eat a breakfast. I've explained before that I used to regularly not eat before 10 am, and sometimes not until much later (that's why the fast-days are no problem for me), but having to increase my calorie-intake to build muscle is not any easier for me than it is for others having to cut calories to lose weight. So maybe that serves as some comfort to you if your problem is one of "overweight", and if you think my condition, and my relatively small paunch shouldn't pose a considerable problem... for me it does.

That's about it for another day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and another 24hour fast. I really feel my stomach shrinking, and I'm not far off the point where I can wear a t-shirt again... and make it look good.