A new day, a new week, a new chance to get in shape...

Two workouts today - split sessions.
In the morning I did 12 minutes of the cardioflow circuit. This was pretty easy now that I know the sequence. I didn't have to prepare for it. Just cycled fast to work as my warm-up, and went straight into the workout when I arrived.

The afternoon workout was the "strength 2" circuit, with the lungholds and pushup holds. I stuck to level 1 so I could manage the full 3 rounds. I must be getting stronger because I can keep up the "holds" now for 30 seconds. Doesn't sound much, but on the 3rd round your muscles really start to burn. I gave the "screwups" (specific, rolling pushups) another try but my shoulder just won't take it. So I stuck to normal pushups to compensate.

Diet for today was lowcarb. I ate 3 eggs for breakfast; snacked on a handfull of nuts; lunch was tuna and some veg from last night's dinner; afternoon snack was cheese- blocks; I took a proteinmix after my workout, and dinner was chillied beef with mixed fried veggies. And to finish I had another protein drink before bed.

Tomorrow is fast-day... looking forward to that.

Oh, one more thing... I found a new "rolemodel". This photo of the actor Dennis Quaid at 54 years old... ok, I can do that, I can get to that. No excuses now!