Chickpeas and chatter, with shrimps on the side...

Day 7 falls on a Monday for me now instead of a saturday. This is not a bad thing - I don't have any heavy workout to do after a long day, just a relaxing "regeneration" session (which is basically some light yoga-type stretching exercises), followed by a neuroboost. This is a short session that you don't have to do for more than 10 minutes, comprising of 3 reps of "concentric" pushups (slowly down and explosively up), then 3 reps of jumps, and 3 reps of the mountainclimber. 2 minute warmup, 3 minute cooldown.
I did my workout at home, later in the evening. You don't need much room, so the small mat I have now at home sufficed.
I like this session. As Shapeshifter puts it: "The Neuroboost is a great way to reset your nervous system and reinvigorate your training sessions".

The nutrition plan was also in my favour. A new mealtype was introduced called "slow carb". This is what Shapeshifter has to say:  "The concept of slow carbs comes from author Tim Ferriss in his book, 'The 4 hour Body'. On slow carb days, you’ll add moderate amounts of slow absorbing carbohydrates — based on the Glycemic Index and Insulin Index — in the form of beans, lentils, peas and corn. There’s no set amount. Start with protein, add in some slow carbs, and figure out how much room you have left to add good fats according to your pre-determined meal size. This Slow Carb day allows you to gently continue the process of refilling the glycogen (energy) stores in your muscles, so you’ll continue to have high levels of energy for your training."

My son was at home, and had bought shrimps for his own meal, so we cooked together and ate together... I just substituted his rice for chickpeas added to my vegetables. It's been a while since we sat down together at the same time to eat (almost) the same meal, so it was a social occassion. Shapeshifter has something to say on that matter too - that eating together socially improves digestion and slows eating habits, which in turn aids in fat loss. Anyway, it made a nice change from eating alone.