In Holland they have an expression: "Onder de knie"... litarally translated it means under-the-knee, which doesn't make any sense if you don't know the source of the expression (which I don't). But in use, it means that you have mastered some act or action - you are able to perform that act(ion) proficiently. I can say I've reached that point with the Cardioflow sequence - the exercise for today.

Cardioflow is a sequence of moves that goes so: curtsylunge, mountainclimber, stand-on-one-leg, backward lunge, plank-pushup, into rocca-press, round to side-plank right and left, followed by bucket-drop right and left, and return to stand. And this sequence is supposed to be done in one continuous fluid motion in both directions, for a period of 12 to 45 minutes.

It takes some getting used to, to keep your balance and be fluid - and even just to remember the order of the moves. But today I did 20 minutes and it runs pretty automatically now. It feels good to do it, and to have it "under-the-knee".

That's all the working out for day 6... after the last few days I feel on top again. As for nutrition, this is a Moderate-carb day. Which means you can add particular carbs to your meals such as fruit, yoghurt, squash, beets and cooked carrots. Shapeshifter says that this "...allows you to kick up the replenishment of your muscle energy stores without breaking the bank on calories or sparking a huge surge in insulin".
I wasn't really prepared and had none of these things in the cupboard, so I just stuck to my low-carb meals. Dinner was chicken and veggies.

I measured my waist again and it seems I've lost another cm. And that was right after a full meal, when my stomach in normal circumstances is quite bloated. Nice to know that the body-fat is decreasing. But I'm still waiting for some muscle-growth - that will make the biggest difference to my shape now. Mind you, I've still got 3 weeks to go, so there's time enough.

I'll save the comparison pictures until the end of week 4. That way my development will be more noticable. A friend of mine who saw the last pics, said it looked like I was just holding my stomach in, but I promise you I wasn't - the paunch really is getting smaller. I notice it myself the most when I'm sitting... I can't balance my coffee-cup on it anymore.