No food, nothing, zilch, zero, nada.......hungry!

Actually, it's not such a problem - thank god for coffee! But even fasting for a day isn't, I fear,  going to do much to my metabolism, which is used to not receiving nourishment (other than said coffee) for hours on end (obvious then that my belly-fat problem has more to do with eating the wrong calories than it has with eating too many!).

So I've kept myself extra busy, physically, with more energetic chores: lots of sweeping of leaves for example...

According to the program, the first fast-day is only to lunchtime - but I extended it to dinnertime. I can't say I wasn't hungry - I was - but those uncomfortable hunger-pangs come and go in the course of the day; and as long as I kept busy, I didn't notice them so much.

The workout was the "strength 2" session, with 2 circuits. Remember, the 1 minute hold in a lunge position, followed by lunge-jumps, then repeat for other side, then rest 1 minute. After 3 rounds move onto circuit 2, 1 minute holds on push-up, then screwups then rest... again 3 rounds.

I am getting stronger and better, but I can't follow to the letter. And the screwup is out of the question due to my shoulder. Instead, it went so:
1st round-40 secs lungeholds right leg (this is level 2 - level 1 was 30 secs, level 3 is 50 secs)...followed by 20 lungejumps...then repeat for left leg...then another 20 lungejumps. Then I went straight into circuit-b and did 30 secs pushup hold, followed by 20 normal pushups with arms placed wide apart(in place of screwup).
Rest 1 minute
2nd round - 30 secs lunge hold right leg directly followed by 30 secs left leg (already hurting), followed by 20 lungejumps, followed by 20 secs pushup hold and 15 pushups.
Rest 2 minutes
3rd round - didn't manage more than 20 secs on the lungeholds, then 20 lungejumps and 10 secs pushup hold and 10 pushups.

Those holds can be excrutiating... and more so if you have to do the jumps right after. But let's be positive... I did do 3 rounds. Next time better.

I broke my fast with a light evening meal of omelette and bacon, with a grated-cabbage, sweet-pepper and cheese salad (simple olive-oil dressing). And had a protein drink before bed.
I wonder how much body-fat I've burned away today?  I was uploading all the transformation photos I've been taking during the week, and there is a difference to be seen. So I've made a montage of my starting physique plus my physique as it is now, after 2 weeks.
Here's the montage - judge for yourself if there's been a change...

Something's working, but I think I have to work harder on the legs and butt area, they're still too skinny. And I've got to be careful not to look too miserable in the photos!