How could I have messed that up? In yesterday's post I said that Shapeshifter were introducing 2 fast-days - tuesdays and thursdays... I was wrong - the fast-days are the 2nd and 4th days of the program. Well normally this is tuesday and thursday for me, but my first day is a sunday, so I should have been fasting today. Silly mix-up.
Not to worry - I'll do tuesday and thursday, and follow the right schedule next week.

But it was a fortunate mistake - my son had invited me and his mother out for a meal (as one of the last times we get to celebrate St. Nicholas as a family). I was careful not to break with the "low-carb" rule of the week (points for me!), but fasting would have messed up the whole occasion.

I ate well all day actually. Breakfast was a protein drink, morning snack was sardines, lunch was left-overs of steak and veggies from yesterday's dinner - and today's dinner was chicken and sprouts with a starter of pumpkin soup.

There was two workouts planned for today - an AM session of Afterburner2, and a PM session of Afterburner 1 (with the flamingo,dead-bug and dog-burp exercises). Well there's no way I can get a full 1st session in - I start work early enough - so I adapted it by missing out the warm-ups and cool-downs. And in the course of the day I had more heavy lifting to do, so I made good use of the extra opportunity to exert my muscles. The PM session went well - and I managed the full 2-round workout... though I must admit the "monkey" exercise is more exhausting than you would imagine, and the "dog-burp" even more so.
I wonder often, what it actually is that makes some exercises more unpleasant than others. Is it the pain in the muscles, or the fact that you're out of breath? It's interesting to ponder this while as soon as you reach your threshold... ask yourself what you really feel at that moment, and is it really that bad, and what happens if you ignore the feeling and just carry on?
The thing with training is that you have to keep pushing further than your threshold in order to develop the muscles and burn the fat, so nothing ever gets much easier. So how do you get to the stage of feeling pleasure when your body is screaming "stop!"?
I think I have a theory on this... But I'l have to work it out before I write it up.