Sunday morning of the third week. I was up around 8am, started with a glass of water followed by a glass of protein shake... this was my pre-workout breakfast. Then off to school (on a sunday?... This is one of the advantages of my job - I have the keys so I'm able to use the facilities on weekends if I wish... space, peace and quiet, and good trainings-mats).
I did my workout between 10 and 11am, when I felt suitably loosened up. The session today went back to the "strength 1" circuit that the very first day started with. At that time I could only manage 2-3 of the recommended rounds - but I'm going up a level right?!'s mission was 6 rounds, and I did 6 rounds. (I was focussing on control too, make sure I'm doing the exercises right... used a mirror to view my posture).
It wasn't easy, but it's not supposed to be. After the 4th round I increased the rest periods to 2 minutes instead of 1, but hey! I got through all 6 rounds. This is something to be happy about... I'm pretty jolly pleased with myself!
It's going to be an interesting week. Tuesday and thursday are the fasting-days, and Shapeshifter are increasing the workouts with a morning and afternoon session.
Well that was it for another day. I snacked on nuts, lunched on eggs, had a midday sleep and dined in the evening on more steak and veggies. Bed by 11pm. The weekend goes quickly.
Time for some more pics soon... see if you can notice any transformation yet!