Second week behind me... what can I say about that? Well I can tell you that I started sagging... two weeks without bread and other “bad-carb” staples. Sometimes I just feel like tucking into some sweet stodgy pastry dish.
I’m getting more confident and adept with the meal-plans, but I’m not sure if I’m eating enough, or eating too much.
The comment from my colleague about my weight loss was a booster for me and made me realize that I’m probably expecting too much transformation too quickly. The body has to acclimatise to new eating habits, the metabolism has to adjust. Shapeshifter talks about this “priming” period, well it seems like that’s what I’ve been going through.
I took my measurements down again - and there has been some real change. I’ve lost 2cm off my middle, and built up the same around my shoulders and legs... I must be doing something right. My chest has shown no change up to now, and my butt is apparantly smaller. This would be fantastic news if I was a woman... but I need to build up the butt area, so looks like I’ve got to get working on those glutes a lot more.

If I compare the way I do the workouts now to when I started, then I have to admit that I’ve improved. Part of this is down to technique and balance, part to increased strength... but also part to the use of a good supporting trainings-mat. You need one, you really do!

If I view these first two weeks as a “warming up” period - which my untrained body needed - then I’m happy with how they’ve gone. And I can’t say enough about the surprising and positive effect that comes from recognition from an outside source that something has changed... weight has been lost. But if I want to make a more substantial transformation in these next 4 weeks, then I know I’ve got to put the effort in. Most of the exercises are divided into three levels - if one is too easy, move on up to the next. Well I believe it’s time for me to move up. I feel ready for it too... and what’s interesting is that it’s not just stronger muscles and a better condition that takes you up that level, but also your mind-set. I started on a peak of enthusiasm, but middle of this week I experienced a dip in my pschycological state. But I’m back on a peak again, so this next week is going to be a good one.