Started the day with a yoga exercise that I got on a link from the Shapeshifter site. Being signed up to their e-mail newsletter I get all the extra info they deem of interest to their readers. Some of it is interesting, some of it useful, but I ignore most of it because I’m not yet finished with the basic program and all the other stuff is distracting.
This link was useful though - sometimes I feel like doing “something” physical to start my day, but not a full SS circuit. This was a simple exercise of lying on your back with your shoulders and legs raised a little off the ground. It works all the core muscles, but not too strenuously.

I also did 25 push-ups to boost some energy through my body.

I had planned to go to my school and have a morning workout but I just wasn’t in the mood. What I was really in the mood for was sitting in a cafe , drinking coffee and doing some writing. The weather was not in the least inviting, but I put on some waterproofs and cycled 20 minutes through the rain and wind to the only good cafe that’s open so early in the morning. After 2 hours I was all written out so I cycled back.

I’d made the decision to do a half-day fast today (make up for all those beers last night), so I didn’t eat anything till the evening meal (steak and veggies). The official fast-days only begin next week, and they ease you into it with a half-day before they ask you to do the 24 hour fast. Now I know I’m not going to have any problems with these fasts - I’m actually looking forward to them (anything to boost the bodyfat-loss) - but it seems that many for many people this is a scary part of the program. I’ll let you know how it goes with my first 24 hour session.

I only half-heartedly did my training this evening -but just as with day 7 of the first week, it’s a short “regeneration and neuroboost session”. I spent most of the evening writing, and made an early night of it. Tomorrow is the first day of week 3... and I’ve promised myself I’ll increase my input, so I’ll be starting early.