Sweets, candies, jellies, tuna salad, 40 heavy boxes, 800 steps, table-lifting, and a seafood banquet.

Saint Nicholas comes to school – this means there's a lot to do this morning. Skipped breakfast (again), and survived the morning on coffees.

Constantly on the move on these celebration-days, but in the past I've been able to snack on all the goodies being strewn about – not today though. St. Nicholas means sack-loads of sweets and candies and little button-biscuits called peppernoten – I had to restrain myself from tucking in. But the morning went quickly and I did manage to lunch on a delicious tuna salad – though that nearly fell through too... had to search the whole school for a can-opener.

Yesterdays lunch was sardine-salad, so I'm getting my omega-3's in.

I knew what the day had in store, meaning I knew that I wouldn't get the chance to do my workout (again). To counter this loss, I put all my effort into the physical tasks of the day, and that involved humping 40 heavy boxes of books and paper the 20 steps to the upper floor. After that came the table-lifting and stacking – and setting out 80 chairs in the theater/conference hall to accomodate the children for the Saint's visit. So how's that for weight-training? I get frustrated sometimes with all the dumb lifting and moving tasks that are part of my job, but in this light they can be viewed as great workout opportunities.

After 4 o'clock, when the kids had gone home, it was party-time! St. Nicholas for the grown-ups – with food and drink and silly games with wrapped surprises. I had 2 choices: 1) Go home, work out, eat healthy, and miss out on the party; or 2) make the most of it and be sensible.

I chose the second option. The beer was a problem – I drank way more than a low-carb diet allows, but I worked all the extra calories off on the dancefloor. And I didn't have to worry too much about the food – it was mainly seafood, so that was fortunate – tuna, shrimps, crab and mussels – all healthy oils and proteins. I enjoyed every mouthful, and didn't have to touch the crackers, potato crisps and peanuts that accompanied this banquet.
So, I ended up eating well and getting enough exercise in – probably more than if I'd followed the Shapeshifter cardio-flow circuit that was on the agenda for today.

On another positive note... I've been looking for signs of progress – I don't feel much difference, (though the exercises are getting easier), and I don't feel like the fat-burning process has started, especially when I look at my belly (though that's the last place I would probably lose it). But I do get the idea that I've lost some of the podgyness in my face, and that was confirmed by a colleague today – she said she'd noticed that my face was tighter and thinner, especially around the jaw-line.
I'd never have imagined how powerfully motivating such a simple remark could be. It is working, I am losing body-fat, I'm only in week 2 and already someone has noticed a difference.

This inspires me enormously. Until now I've still been doing my workouts as a chore, I'm not really passionate. But now I feel geared-up to take everything to a new, intenser level. It's as if these last 2 weeks have been a warm-up in themselves, and now I'm ready to start the real transformation process with week 3.

So... an unconventional day, but none-the-less successful. Also... start a party early and it doesn't have to be too late when you stumble home. I was in bed by 10pm, drunk and pretty satisfied with the day.