Flamingos, monkeys, dead bugs and burping dogs...

After yesterday's fiasco I was determined to get back on track today. That said, I did mess up my breakfast routine - sometimes I just don't feel like eating in the mornings, so today I didn't. I had eggs with me that was supposed to be breakfast, but I just didn't get round to cooking them til later. Ended up making them my lunch.
I actually thought about skipping eating altogether and trying another "fast-day" - based also on the fact that I needed to do some more shopping 'cause my pantry was bare, and I don't particularly enjoy shopping, so I was thinking if I don't eat I don't have to shop - at least not today.
I have another old habit that I find difficult to change, and that's midday sleeping. For years now (since my son no longer needs my full attention) I've been enjoying snoozes during the day - usually for about an hour when I get home from work. I find it hard to miss it, and I sort of hoped that this exercising would give me the energy to not want to sleep. But the habit (and the pleasure) is too strong, and after a long day at school followed by my workouts, I still need that hour.
Anyway, today was another long day and I didn't feel like exercising right away, so I went home, where my bed was invitingly waiting for me. I was in a little turmoil - should I exercise now, or have a sleep first?
Now, what finally happened was that I had my nap-hour, then I went shopping before I got too comfortable, and then I did my exercises. And I didn't fast... I ate a huge steak instead.
The workout was relatively easy for a change - at least I found it easy. It's a new routine called "Afterburner 1". The warm-ups and cool-downs are the same as A2, but the workout consist of 2 rounds of the following exercises:
*Flamingo - standing on one leg with your body stretched out horizontally,
*Monkey - bouncing across the floor on all-fours monkey style,
*Dead bug - which has you lying on your back waving arms and legs in unison,
*Dog burp - the only one with a less obvious name, but whereby you move from a lying posture to  standing to a jump and back down to lying, all in one fluid motion.
Each exercise is done for a full minute, followed immediately by the next, and then you rest for one minute, do another round, and you're finished.
I enjoyed it - really! And it was a workout that I could do comfortably at home (though luckily the house was empty this time).
And that was my day - I settled down after my steak-dinner, expecting an evening of peace and quiet.... but then a friend called and needed a discussion partner, so it was back out into the cold, rain, wind and darkness, and a 20 minute bike-ride (both ways).
This is also exercise!!!