Well this day didn't go as planned...
I overslept - had a quick shower, threw some things in my bag and raced to school. No time for breakfast, telephone didn't stop ringing, then the kids arrived and it was a couple of hours before relative normality returned. But then there was an important meeting I had to be present at, followed by some heavy moving of old archive-cabinets, and before I new it, it was 1 o'clock.
Finally got time to eat something, so I made a snack of cottage cheese and walnuts.
I was looking forward to my afternoon workout, but colleagues were preparing for a sport-day on wednesday, and all three gymrooms were taken up - nowhere for me to exercise.
Home then... but even that wasn't an option. My son had friends to visit again, and I'm not going to make a spectacle of myself in front of a group of teenagers.
So I missed the workout, cooked an evening meal of salmon and salad... and went to bed early.
I can comfort myself with the fact that the day wasn't completely free from physical exertion - the "cabinet-moving" task took more than an hour - that must have made up for something.
Anyway, not much I can do about it - I'll just get back on track tomorrow.