Low carbs, high fat, Paleo-portions, 200 steps, exercise without exercising, afterburner-2 upgraded, and a gateau temptation...

So, monday morning again, 6am out my bed to give me time to eat a breakfast of omelette and cheese. According to the Shapeshifter portion rules based on my bodyweight, I should have eaten 4 eggs for breakfast. This seems ridiculous - I've never eaten 4 eggs in one go - but maybe I have to, in order to build the muscles I'm working every day. This I've still got to get my head around, but if it's correct, then I'll just have to learn to eat 4 eggs... and increase the portions of my other meals too.
This week is what Shapeshifter calls a "Low Carb" week - this means that we can eat all we want of certain vegetables, but cut out the beans and legumes and the nuts and the fruit (among others). This gets confusing - 30% of our calories have to be from protein, and we're not to count the carbs...that means that the rest of our daily calories have to come from fats... I thought we were trying to get rid of fat!
This nutrition-plan has a lot of things in common with the Paleo-diet, so I googled this to get some extra knowledge over the subject. The paleo-diet is also low-carb, and they promote the eating of animal-fats... which have a far greater calorie content than the proteins. So actually it's quite simple: eat fatty meats and butter and oils and oily fish, and compliment with healthy vegetables in profusion.
So that's how I'm going to do it this week: get a good selection of meat in (including fish), and a good range of vegetables, and just mix and match the whole week through.
(Today I enjoyed a lunch of sauteed cabbage with courgette and tomatoes, topped with grilled cheese - this was the left-overs from yesterday's evening meal (though I had steak with it yesterday). Tonight I plan to eat salmon with spinach.)
And... I do make sure my workouts are dynamic enough to get all those nutrients into my muscles.
Today, that wasn't a problem. I had some heavy work to do. Book-cases, planks, wooden boxes and other heavy stuff, all had to be moved from one place to another - and I have to do the moving. This is an hour or two of exertion, especially because the new location was on a different floor, and we have no lift. So that meant up and down 20 steps at least 10 times, carrying heavy things. Now, this is as heavy an exercise workout as you need in one day - but I still had my workout session to come.
And that came at 4.30. Back to the "Afterburner sessions"... but this time 15 rounds. I've still not managed to do the first level at 10 rounds, but I surprised myself and pushed myself. I did the 15 rounds, in 3 sets of 5; meaning I took longer rests between rounds. It's the only way I could finish them. However... compared to my efforts only one week ago (3 rounds before flaking - see the video), it's obvious that I've gotten stronger and fitter. I'm still no superman, but I am developing. Yeah!!!
But my biggest challenge of the day...? That was the gateau - one of my colleagues was celebrating his birthday, and treated us with 3 huge gateaus... big, sweet, cream-oozing sugar-monsters.... Baaaaaaad carbs man!
Of course I didn't eat any.