Eggs, Bacon, big-screen workout, and a Thailand dream...

Early start again. Bacon and egg breakfast which was a total luxury, then down to my school to work out. I still had to digest the breakfast so I spent an hour on the computer. A link via the Shapeshifter blog took me to an online fitness magazine called
Experience Life  - Adam from Shapeshifter was featured with an article on handstand push-ups. Now I'm nowhere ready for that yet but the magazine was a discovery. There I found two other features which really inspire me for the future... but I'll get to them in a moment.

First though the workout:
Starting with the "Strength" warm-up, which I'm familiar with now, we moved into a session called "Strength 2" - with circuit-a and circuit-b. Circuit-a is a short session where you do a normal lunge stance but this time you hold it for 30 seconds and follow it with 20 reps of bounds... short yeah, but it really gets those thighs gasping for air. You feel the burn, but you were warned of that beforehand. Circuit-b is the same principle but this time you hold a push-up stance for 30 secs, and follow that with something called a "screw-up". This is a style of pushup but you roll into it from the side.

I'll tell you now, I can't do this one - I can on one side but not the other... not yet. And the reason for this is a weak shoulder that I've had since I pulled it in a climbing holiday... 5 years ago. It still hurts, and that hampers some of my training, and some of my normal daily movements (putting on a jacket, lifting the bedsheets off me in the mornings). I'm hoping that the training will help me to strengthen the shoulder, but I have to be careful I don't just make it worse by straining it more. So I'll have to see if I can adapt this exercise - or replace it with another that serves the same function.

Well, I got through the session, did the cool-down - and I added on a couple of short sessions of the neurobooster and cardioflow sequences from friday and saturday. I had the time and the space... and a "huge" screen to follow the videos from. I worked out in the school conference hall, where we have a big-screen and beamer... just a matter of hooking up the laptop and speaker system. Makes a big difference to the atmosphere of a session, but I think it's a one-off thing... I prefer the intimacy of my other training spot.

So, back to this magazine Experience Life... One of the videos featured a "Parkours" training routine - now that's how a body should be able to move. I could tell you about it but I can also just show you the video. Feest your eyes and imagine being able to do this:
And that Thailand dream.....? Well this is an organization called MovNat, and they do just great things. Getting back into "the natural movements" of the body through interaction with nature. I say "Dream", well, who wouldn't want to play around on a tropical island getting fit at the same time. Visit the site to learn more about this group, but watch the video below too, to experience another type of holiday. This I find highly inspiring, and something I'm already seriously thinking about doing - when I'm back in shape. I mean, this is what we do it for... right?