The first week could be seen as being too intense and difficult for a beginner - I found the exercises hard, and I'm not in such bad shape compared to some. But the point, as I view it objectively, is to be in control too - you can adapt everything to suit your own level of ability, but without cutting yourself short. Do the exercises as best you can, because you will get better and stronger, but don't expect to be pampered because this is a serious workout program that requires effort - it's your body, your goal, your responsibility.
So I actually think that the intense start, coupled with the support and advice you can find on the site if you have difficulties, are a good thing because they don't try to fool you into thinking that this is going to be a "no-effort" process.
The nutrition plan I find complicated - and I've already talked about that. But I have learned more about nutrition in this last week than in all former years - maybe after another few weeks I'll start to get to grips with it. Im also learning to understand what the basics are to this whole nutrition game - basically: cut out the bad carbs, eat good carbs in moderation, watch the calories, take care that proteins only count for 30% of a day's caloric rations, and, when in doubt... you can always fast.
Some slack is expected in the first week so I'm not going to worry about it.
I've found that it really helps  if other people know what you're up to - then you don't feel too embarrassed that you're trying to improve yourself - it works as motivation too, you feel proud that you're the one taking action... and most people react with enthusiasm, which frees you up to get excited.
I've discovered that I can get by without biscuits and bread and potatoes and rice and pasta and jam and chocolate and the rest... and that I can make training a part of my daily life. For me, that is a major development, and getting through this first week means I'll get through the rest too.
The main point is that you get to do more in a week with the Shapeshifter program than in a month of  2-days-a-week visits to the gym, and you know you're working all your muscles because they all ache.