Coffee no milk, no sugar, no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner - no nothing...!

Started my day at 8am with a black coffee and spent the morning writing in this diary to get it up to date. I also took some pics of myself in the same position as my "starting physique pic"- I want to document every single day visually, to see when and how my transformation develops. I'll combine all the shots into a film when I've finished my program... that should be interesting.
Ok - I made the decision to try another fast-day. These aren't introduced into the program until the third week, and that's because Shapeshifter like to ease people into this new nutrition-lifestyle, and fasts are alien to most people. But I want to get this belly down as fast as possible, so I've no problems with starting early. So I didn't eat the whole day until around 11pm, when I ate a light yoghurt-fruit dish... this was just as much to use up the ingredients as it was to satisfy my hunger - tomorrow begins a "low-carb" week, which excludes yoghurt and fruit (but in their place comes eggs and bacon among others...).
I was planning to go to my school to work out today, but I had the house to myself, and the weather was so lousy I didn't feel like going out. But no problem - the workout from yesterday I did without too much intensity - just learning the steps. And I did the same for today's workout program, which consisted of a "regeneration" sequence, and a neuroboost session.
The "regen" is basically a stretching sequence to help recovery from the hard work of the first week, and to improve flexibility - this are done leisurely but deep - emphasis on control and correct movement...
The "neuroboost" is designed to "reset your nervous system and reinvigorate your training sessions"... 3 reps of 3 exercises, with pushups and jumps,  for no more than 10 minutes. You are advised to "walk through this routine rather than go all-out. Your goal is optimal performance on each rep rather than a “workout” in the traditional sense".
So that was my training day for day 7 - not strenuous or particularly tiring - a sort of cool-down day. This was needed - I need all my strength for week 2. These day-7 sessions are repeated at the end of everyweek, so there's that to look forward to.
I viewed the exercises for week-2... more of the same but with some "extras" thrown in - and of course an increase in the performance level = increase in difficulty = increase in effort = increase in growth and development.
See you tomorrow.