Early to bed and to rise, cold fish, secret out, sneaky capuccino, adonis, strained glutes and better form...

So, Thursday already – 5 days without bread or biscuits (min 1)or chocolate, 5 days of working out, 5 days of confrontation with my total loss of youthful strength. But also 5 days I can be proud of. I ache all over, but at least I know that all of my muscles are being worked.

I've told a few people at my school what I'm up to – they've seen me tucking into exuberant lunches, spotted me mixing a protein shake, and wondered why I'm still around long past my “going-home-time”. So I let the secret out – told them I'm building a new body to match the new life I'll be starting in January (after 10 years at this job, I'm quitting this Christmas to concentrate on my illustration and internet projects – oh they're going to miss me!). They're surprised, but interested and impressed... I'm not the only old sack in the workplace.

I went to bed at 10.30 yesterday evening, and rose at 5.30. Started my day with Greek joghurt and a protein scoop. Fot 1st snack I ate a pear – cool and juicy out the refrigerator – and lunch was the leftover fish-dish from yesterday, with extra red peppers and crunchy salad stuff – looked way more tasty than the dry sandwiches other people were eating – even cold. I drank a couple of black coffees, and, oh dear, I caved in and took a capuccino too. Actually I don't even know if this makes a blind bit of difference to my nutrition – but it's good training for me to break my old daily habits... and my habit of about 15 capuccinos a day was definitely not a good habit.

I'm not so far yet that all this working out has become its own habit. I enjoy having done my exercises, but as it nears the end of my workday, I still have such a desire to just go home and flake out with a glass of port or a beer. I find I have to remind myself constantly why I'm doing this – and one source of motivation for me is to just keep checking out fotos of toned and trained bodies on the internet – real life adonis examples – this helps me to keep that ideal image in my head, and it makes me want to exercise. And the best time to view these images is right before I start on my workout... a sort of visual psyche-up.

Any how... I had a good session. I feel good in my exclusive training area and this helps my performance. I took the time to improve my technique on this 3rd day of the strength exercises. I still didn't manage the full set of 6 rounds – 5 was my limit – but I did them well, and it was a great improvement on the first day's efforts (which are caught unashamedly on video). I even managed to do the V-ups. One problem I did have though is with the single bound lunge, where you have to squat on one leg... after the 4th round I started to feel pain in my left glute, which made doing the 5th round difficult, and the 6th round impossible. No point in pushing it and straining my butt, so I stopped there and finished with the cool-downs.

So that was it for Thursday... bring on day-6 I say!