Left overs and repeats, surfing, carbs and proteins, moderate improvement, and a gym all to myself.

Just to make some things clear - I started this program on Sunday 20th November, so today is actually Tuesday 22nd November. The dates above these posts don't correspond because I don't always get the chance to post on the actual days of my workouts. So ignore the dates, know that the days are all in the right order, and if you want to read a specific day, use the category list in the right side column.

Day three... being a tuesday I'm at work of course from 6.30 until 4pm. But I manage to get my breakfast in without having to get up too early... I just take it to work and eat it there. Today was a repeat of the cottage cheese concoction from day 1. Snacked with nuts, and later with protein mix, and my lunch was left-overs of the bean and lentil stew from yesterday.
I have access to a computer so I took the chance to view the exercises for today, and saw that they are the same as monday's. This is the pattern for this first week: strength training routine alternating with the afterburner workout. Great, I don't have to learn any more moves right away. They do increase the rounds though - today from 4 rounds to 5. Sunday I managed 3 out of 4... today I managed 4 out of 5 - so there is some improvement there. However, part of this is due to the fact that I have a new and better workout location. I work in a school with three sport rooms... what a luxury. I was a little afraid to use these because I didn't want to be watched by colleagues... at least not until I could do 'the exercises well. But I stayed late and worked out round 5pm. Most people have already left the building, so I have all the privacy and all the room I need... and I get to use a quality training mat. Wow! what a difference all this makes to performance and enjoyment of the workouts.
Also did some internet surfing for more info on carbs and proteins, to get a more rounded viewpoint from different sources. It helps in understanding what ShapeShifter specifies in their nutrition-plan, but I have to be careful I don't get too sidetracked, and start wondering if I invested in the right program. I've chosen this, and I'm going to stick with it (and make it work).
So, I feel a little like I've got it all organized. I'm still not able to do the full rounds, but my technique is better (or feels better)... and I got to eat steak again for dinner.
Here's some shots of my new training area (classy hey?!), and some of me in the exercise poses... I took these to check how my posture is - apart from the quad, it's pretty reasonable.