Dog tired, stiffness, muscle-pain, Afterburners that burn, omelette no ham, steak (aaah), black versus capuccino,  beans lentils and killer stingers,...

That's the downside of beginning with exercising... doesn't matter how good the cool-downs are, you're going to hurt the next day. I had pain and stiffness in my upper legs the whole day - made walking difficult, walking down steps crippling, and I haven't had so much leg-ache since returning from a mountain walk of 10km in England this summer (and that pain lasted 5 days).
I was worried that this would hamper my training for today, so I surfed the internet for some advice on the matter - seems it's very normal, there's nothing you can do about it, and it goes away on it's own when you get used to training... and that was all the reassurance I needed.
And it did go away once I started today's session - or I just forgot it was there amid the agony of these new exercises (more about that in a moment).
I was out late last night, and up at 5.30 this morning so I didn't get my hours in. My sloamness coupled with the stiffness didn't do much for my image of a fitness-hero in the making - but can I expect that at this early stage?
After yesterday's starvation attempt, I really enjoyed my omelette-breakfast (should have been with ham, but forgot to buy it in) and a steak lunch (had everyone at work drooling). Snacked with fruit and protein-mix, and made a bean-and-lentil stew for dinner - cooked more than I could eat so I had some left over for day-3 lunch.
Started to make an effort to drink lots more water, they say it helps in muscle-building, and I need help in that area. Already beginning to crave a capuccino - black coffee is ok now and again, but it has to be really good coffee... the stuff that comes out of the coffee-machine at my work doesn't live up to its name. Capuccino is the only drinkable beverage in the machine, but that's because it's disguised with milky froth and sugar - and we all know that this is not good for you. Have to find some better alternative, or buy myself some really good coffee!
The whole diet/meal/nourishment plan is a bit complicated, but that's not exclusive to this program - trying to get your head around which foods give you the right sort and amount of proteins and carbs and fats, and what to eat when and in what order to give your body what it needs to achieve a specific result, and then watching calories too.... well it's confusing to say the least. So I'm just following the meal suggestions of the program as close as I can, and hope that it all becomes clearer in time. I don't really feel like making a studie of nutrition just to be able to follow this program - just want to lose the belly-fat and build muscle all over my body.
Well - now lets get to the workouts...
A change of routine (thank god). This workout is called "Afterburner". Three exercises with 10, 8, and 6 reps (in that order), executed one after the other in the space of one minute. That's one round. Complete this under the minute and you get the rest of the time to rest before starting on round 2. In total 10 rounds - so in theory 10 minutes of exercise. Yeah... in theory! Like I was going to even reach 10 rounds. I managed 6 - and they were much longer than 1 minute rounds. Thing is they looked easy on the videos done by the trained instructors... ha ha! The 3rd of the three exercises is called the "stinger"... and yes it stings. I videoed myself doing them - you can watch it below and see how I begin sagging after just 2 rounds. But I'm still expecting too much from myself. I'm unfit and out of shape... accept that Mike and just keep at it.
Wonder how tomorrow's going to be...