Day 1, early rise, cottage cheese, lots of water, strength warm-ups, lunges, Rocca-press, Quad-press, leg-lifts, V-ups, seated-knee across (sounds like some Indian-chief name) and other cool-downs, more water, feeling the burn, reaching the limit -  and finally coffee...

Hey there - so... I was up at 7am. This is early for a sunday morning for most people, but I'm a morning person anyway, and I wanted to try an early workout to see how it feels. And it felt pretty good.
Started with breakfast - cottage cheese with apple and dates - light but substantial - I ate it while viewing the exercise-videos on the ShapeShifter site again. This is one of the changes I have to get into... I usually skip breakfast and only eat around 10am - and by then I've had about 5 capuccinos already, and as many cigarettes.
But today I started with water - put a liter bottle on the table. Drank three quarters up  during the workout.
So the workout... how did that go?  Well - the warm ups were great... I really got warm, and it was interesting to see just how stiff I really am.
Then came the real work. I opened the door to my balcony to get some fresh-air in the room before I started sweating too much - then did the first round following the instruction videos. It went ok, though I did have some problems with the exercises. For the lunges I needed some support by leaning against the wall; the Rocca press is much harder than it looks, and the Quad-press takes some getting used to to get into the rythm. The hardest for me though was the V-up exercise... a form of sit-ups, which I've never been good at, and more so with this as you have to balance on your butt - and that hurts when you've got a bony butt like me (had to use a cushion).
Anyway the first round was ok, the 2nd round I already felt like stopping... my arms are pretty weak and doing the Quad-press directly after the Rocca-press was not easy. The leg-lifts were getting heavier too, but it was the V-up again that knocked me out - I only managed about 5 in the 45 seconds.
And still two rounds to go... the third round I'd reached my limit - already feeling the burn, and only 2 V-ups... I just couldn't get up off the ground.
And round 4? Well... I gave up - I couldn't do anything more. So I decided that it would probably be better if I did a couple of extra rounds during the day.
I'm not going to let myself feel guilty about this - I've never trained before, and this is the first day.. AND  these are heavy exercises for a beginner - which I'm sure I'll be happy about later.
So that was it. After a shower I felt great again, and I don't mean physically - I felt great that I've started - I've actually started. I'm looking forward to day 2.
I'm curious to see how long it takes before I feel and see any improvement... I know I've got a long way to go, and to prove it here's my "start physique". It could be worse, but it's no James Bond either... it's going to be much better.
Sorry I didn't smile...
Oh, at 10 am, I rewarded myself with my first "black" hot coffee of the day... heaven!
And the rest of the day...?
Well, I had all this food in, but I had so many things to do, and somewhere to go in the evening, that the meal-times didn't fit in with my plans. So I did something drastic (and interesting).
I'd been reading through the Shapeshifter nutrition manual about their "fast-days"- something that fascinates me - and I decided that I could give my body a good healthy shock by starting this whole program with a 1/2 day fast. So I didn't actually eat anything else after my first snack. I figured it wouldn't do me any harm, may do some good, and in any case it would give me an early taster of what's to come. Hows that for enthusiasm?
And finally... I videod my first training session, and I'm going to risk looking like a complete physical idiot, and let you see it. These are the strength exercises. It's amusing to see how uncoordinated and unstable I am - however, just as grace and beauty and good form can inspire you towards improvement, so can something as hopeless as this. Laugh if you will, I did - this, remember, is the old body.