Welcome to my 6-week program diary. 

This diary logs my experience and development throughout the whole process of following the SHAPESHIFTER BODY REDESIGN program. Step into my shoes and get an idea of the ups and downs I experienced... and the eventual transformation I achieved. Looking back, it really wasn't hard at all - and I'm certainly enjoying the benefits now... there's no going back to that old body of mine any more.

There's a lot to read (49 posts), but if you don't feel like lugging through the whole 6 weeks, you can always just read the week evaluations, which give a summary of the highlights.

If you start the program yourself and have trouble with the exercises... just view my first attempts on video in my first week. Totally amateurish...totally laughable... totally embarrassing.

But everyone's got to start somewhere - and if I can improve so well, so fast, then so can you. I wish you lots of future pleasure.