So my third session - third hour on the mats.

I'd hoped to attempt a backward somersault, but seems that was a little ambitious. But the forward somersaults are more than just attempts now. as you can witness in the video below (I told you I'd get it on video!).

It's interesting to analyse this process - what's holding me back from doing the back-somersault? Some would say I shouldn't be so impatient - hell, this is only your third hour session, and you can already do this much. And I am happy with my progress - no question about that. But I don't think I'm being impatient - one hour of jumping up and down in one spot gets tedious very fast... learning the stunts is what makes it interesting.

The thing is, I know how to do the somersaults... I know the technique, I did them at 19 and that experience doesn't go away. And I know I'm quite capable of doing them now. But there's a certain amount of fear holding me back from making my first attempt. I remember this from when I was young too.

But maybe it's not just fear - I have to improve my balance in the jumps, up to the point where I get more height and still be in control. I think once I get that height and balance together, I'll feel safer at making the first backward flip.

Oh oh oh! - maybe I shouldn't be analyzing it at all, but just enjoy doing it. In a couple more sessions, I'll improve on what I can already do, and the back-somersault will come when I'm ready for it. And then the back-flips, and the somersaults off the wall, and the forward flips without hands, and, and, and....

I'll keep you updated of course. For now I leave you with a little video of my present achievements. To think, only a couple of years ago I was laid-up for a year with chronic back-pain!

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