Jumping is something we don't  do so often anymore, once we leave childhood behind us. That's a shame. Why did we stop?

We were built to move in a variety of ways, but as we get older we limit ourselves to the basic movements that get us from A to B... and we wonder why we get stiff.

I've decided I want to get back my abilities to move with the ease and grace of a child again... and that includes jumping. I caught a local news-report a time back, on a trampoline hall that was open to the public here in Amsterdam - and I made a mental note. One day I'd try that out. Today was the day.

It magnificent place - a whole hall covered wall-to-wall with trampolines fixed to each other... no way to fall off.

I did some trampolining, some 30 or so years ago when I was studying. It's probably the only time in my life since leaving school that I did anything sporty. I'd spend a couple of hours, once a week, just jumping. I taught myself to do forward and backward somersaults. I had my fair share of accidents - getting caught in the springs, and springing too far to end up crashing to the floor -  but in the end I got quite good at them. So good that I could do them from a stand-still, perched on the edge of the trampoline.

My interest stopped abruptly though when, feeling way too confident, I thought I could do a somersault on the mat. I should've been able to do it too. But fear of landing on my head made me curl up my body at the wrong moment... and I landed on my head.

I've been on a trampoline a couple of times since then, but I never did find the courage again to try to do a somersault. This has always annoyed me personally... but now that I feel in such good condition, now that I feel strong again, now that I've got my determination back... now's the time to give it another shot.

So I went along and just jumped for an hour, just to get the feel for it again, get my balance back. I did some twists and turns... some bounces onto my butt and my knees... even managed a cartwheel... but no somersault. Oh no... not just yet. But soon. Maybe the next visit (in a couple of days)... maybe then I'll get my nerve back... I just know I can do it.

I promise you - when I achieve this, I'll make a video of it. But until then I can give you an idea what it's like with this video... I definitely recommend it.

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