Why is it always 100? Why not 150?

Reaching 100 these days is getting to be so commonplace - more and more people are doing it, more and more people are realizing they can do it too... it's like the four-minute-mile.

Is this all it takes to get us all to that goal? I think so.

70, 75, 80... these ages have been the accepted general limit for way too long. With people of 80, 90 even 100, running marathons, you'd have to be naïve to still consider yourself fortunate in making it to 75. Come on... it's a walk in the park... life begins at 50!

If you put a limit on your lifespan, you're pretty likely to create the self-fulfilling profecy of only reaching that limit - or you'll end up facing the dissappointment of passing it... shame about all those inactive years waiting for the man with the scythe to come calling.

I don't care what the scientists say about human lifespan. Their research and findings are only based on their science - and that's just another form of perception. It works if you believe in it; it's the truth as long as nothing disproves it; you get what you are looking for. But nothing is definitive. Just because no-one has yet lived to be 150, doesn't mean it can't be done.

Not believing it possible, is a sure way of making it impossible - but imagine the day someone does reach 150... proof! Then everyone should be able to do it. That's really going to piss-off a lot of people up there in heaven who threw in the towel at the halfway point.

You want to reach 75? Don't change anything. Want to reach 80 or 90? Set your goal to 100. A goal is not always a place to reach, but a place to aim for - the farther you aim, the farther you come. Want to reach 100? Aim for 150... and live your 50's, 60's and 70's as if you're still in the prime of your life. This alone will give you the motivation and inspiration to stay physically active enough to assure the probability of reaching your goal.

Want to live to 150? Aim for 200... and see how that alters your perception.

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