Getting your body into shape is a goal much like any other. It starts with a desire, then a reason, then an analysis of the obstacles, then a decision, then a plan... and then the action - the steps that will get you there. Staying on that path is not so hard when the "whys and hows" are understood.

But even when you know why, and even when you know how, getting yourself motivated to take that first step onto your path can be your greatest obstacle.

I was noting down some topics for eventual blog-posts or articles, and realized that the titles I formulated read like motivational quotes. So I've decided, instead of just waiting until I write the full articles in depth, I could first post the titles, as a list of self-motivation tips/quotes - and let you interpret them for yourself.

Here's the list then, in no particular order... and I've included a couple of existing quotes I came across from other sources:
  • The chances are that you will live to be 90 - pace yourself...
  • A good home workout saves time and money.
  • What's better - getting in shape eventually... or never?
  • Nothing is hard - it just seems so until we know it, or can do it.
  • Start doing... or stop wanting.
  • Excuses are affirmations, that can quickly become truths.
  • What sort of body do you want to wear into your old age?
  • Be inspired by the adventure of yourself.
  • Live as if you're going to live forever.
  • Know why - then you'll know how.
  • Strive for progress, not perfection (unknown source)
  • Fear is what stops you - courage is what keeps you going (unknown source)
  • "It's never too late to become who you might have been" (George Elliot)
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? (unknown source)
  • All you need is your body, and gravity, to exercise efficiently.
  • When do you stop wanting - and start doing?
  • Good excuses don't make legitimate reasons.
  • Be in the minority... do what you say you're going to do.
  • It's not just your job to take care of your body... it's your privilage.
  • Why be content with using such a small percentage of your physical capacity?
  • Do you want a body like a sportscar... or a school-bus?
  • Get back in shape once... and be done with it.
  • Get back in shape now... and get it over and done with.
  • Discover your (physical) limitations... or create them.
  • The fear of getting old is a fear of losing control. Why set it up to happen?
  • Even small steps will get you there.
  • Even small improvements are successes.
  • Know what stops you - and stop that!
  • There are no real reasons to do anything - so make some... and make them good.
  • Life is an adventure - every path is open for exploration.
  • Be remarkable - even if it's only for you... especially if it's only for you.
  • Strive for functional fitness - not cosmetic.
  • Redesign yourself.

Question: Do you know any powerful motivational quotes or sayings, within the theme of physical improvement, getting in shape, losing weight etc.? We'd love to hear them. Share them here in the comments section.

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