Motivate yourself consistently to make the most of your home workout sessions, with these powerful tips to keep you on track towards your goals.

1- Divide your main goal into a series of short projects – instead of focussing on the completengoal of, for example, getting in top shape for the summer... focus on the experience of mastering the exercises in one week; or losing that first two centimeters around your middle; or drinking a liter of water every day for a week; or living without one of your less useful daily habits. Short-step one or two-week projects are much easier to stick to than a bigger goal that seems so far away. The small results over time all add up in the end.

2- Measure your results constantly – This keeps you focussed on the purpose of your home workout... to get results. Expect fluctuations in your progress but don't let it bother you, it's normal. But having a consistent overview of your results day-by-day will give you more insight to how your body is reacting to your workouts. And this gives you a stronger feeling of being in complete control.

3- Don't weigh yourself – this seems like strange advice, but think about it for a moment. It's not the weight that is an issue here... but your appearance and your physical improvement. If you feel better, and look better as a result of your workouts, then it's working fine – regasrdless of your weight. Working out will burn your body-fat, and build your muscle – the end result could be that you end up heavier, but looking thinner. Do you see how vague your weight is as a measurement of your physical condition?

4- Get dressed for action – look good before you start, and you'll “feel” good before you start. It's usually advised to wear loose fitting clothes for working out in – but this can often give you a feeling of “shabbyness”. A better alternative is to wear tighter-fitting but stretchable clothes – these make you feel tighter in your body, which is similar to the effect you are after – a tightness and compactness of your muscles and skin – lean and solid!

5- Design your ideal – The easiest way to do this is to find a photograph (online) of the sort of body that you aspire to. Keep this photo on view as do your home workout – and use it to boost your committment levels, visualizing the time when you have that body yourself. This will increase your determination, and motivate you to put more effort into your workouts – and the more effort, the greater the results.

6- Remember this – every workout has an effect on your body. You may not see or feel it immediately, but it's a cumulative process, and every little bit is important, and a little bit closer to your goal.

7- Log your performance – Take stock of what you acieved in each workout session, and compare that with your performance in the last session, and the session a week earlier, and the session before that. Seeing how your performance improves week by week, day by day, gives you unquestionable proof of your continual positive development.

8- Stop making comparisons – Comparing yourself, and your body, to that of others, has no practical purpose. You are unique, your body is unique... your decision to workout is “your unique project”. Focus only on yourself and the progress “you” make. What other people do, how they look, how they live, what they eat, how they exercise (or don't exercise)... that's their business. You are your business.

9- Don't set an inflexible deadline – Goals are ok... they give us somewhere to aim for. But deadlines cause stress, doubt, frustration, and dissappointment. They work “demotivating”. This is because you are focussing on the deadline instead of on the gradual, but real and continual progress you make every day and every session. What is the use of a deadline that isn't met? It just gives you a false impression of the level of your success. Every small improvement is a success in itself – and you will reach your goal, in time, without the deadlines.

10- Believe in yourself – You have no idea of your real potential. You can achieve almost everything if you put your mind to it. Getting your body into shape, burning stubborn body-fat, building your strength and muscle-tone... all this is easy when you decide to believe just how great your potential is. Be better than your conditioning, because it's your conditioning that's created your limiting beliefs. Be the best “YOU” you can be. It's all about you. Be one of the few in the world who understand this and succeed in their goals, because they are not limited by the same habitual beliefs of incompetence and incapability that hold others back.

We have the strong tendency to put ourselves down and make excuses for not doing what we need and want to do. We demotivate ourselves consistently. You are stronger than you think – go out and prove it to yourself.

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