I want to start putting some video posts up - but yeah... I gotta learn the art of video presentation - it's not as easy as it looks. But I'm working hard on it, and I should be able to get my first serious attempts up within the next week (that's the plan anyway).

I've got the technical side sorted - at least on Windows MovieMaker... and good enough for You Tube (I think). I just opened a new account for this site, and I just uploaded my first video. You don't get to see me talking on camera just yet, but I've done something I think is pretty unique for a video on getting in shape - it's a review of the Shapeshifter Program... done to music. A self-written, self-performed song... see what you think.

I'd REALLY love some feedback on this folks...

nigel knapp
2/22/2012 01:07:14

Hi Mike - I hope shape shifter are paying u a fortune for all this excellent publicity???? - great song - How's your other money making activitys coming along?? Cheers - Nigel


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