I'm going through a particularly tensive but exciting phase in my life. I gave up my job a few months ago - I have to find a new income source. I don't want to find another paid job that confines me to one place and a set 9-5 lifestyle - so I have to constantly be creative in thinking up alternatives.

The internet offers a good solution, but so far I've not managed to create more than just fleeting and intermittent earnings from product-promotion. My children's-book illustration assignments have dried up because publishers are cutting back on the number of books they publish. And my funds are running out. I can survive until end April, but I have to create some form of income before then... otherwise it's back to the work-floor.

But this is all part of the adventure - and as the pressure rises, I've been forced to re-asses my situation, and the choices that put me here. And then I have to put my present situation in the context of the "big picture"... what life really means to me; what my beliefs are; what I believe of potential and limitations and conditioned thinking... and what my true dreams and priorities are.

This keeps me just as busy as my physical development at this moment - so I've decided to include it in the theme of this site. I see physical development more and more as an integral part of the "whole" concept of "personal development and awareness". At the same time it serves well as a metaphor for complete mind and body wellness. And I don't want to limit myself to just the physical aspects of my transformation. So, I'm going to allow myself the freedom to talk on these pages about all aspects of my "adventure"  - and add a new category called "lifestyle".

And that opens up chances for me to talk about travel, writing, creativity, making money, music, philosophy and musings, risk-taking, lifestyle design, life the universe and everything...

I may have some serious financial concerns at this moment... but boy! am I excited.