A friend of mine told me the other day that she's always wanted to play the saxophone.
I asked her if she had one - she said no.
I asked her if she thought she could learn without one - again she said no.
I told her it was probably a good idea, then, to get one, learn to blow it, then learn to play it... she agreed.

Wanting, wasn't going to help her learn - only doing. All the years she'd spent not having a saxophone, all the hours of practice she'd had not learning to play it, hasn't gotten her anywhere. One day she may stop wanting - but that would be a shame.

In the same way... wanting to lose weight, to get fitter, to build muscle, to get more flexible, to be more active, to learn to ski or skydive, eat healthier, improve your life, change your life - whatever - is futile, until you start doing something about it.

Not doing, only feeds the wanting, and leaves you feeling miserable. Without "doing", often the only other option is to discard the "want", file it away under "dreams unfulfilled", and try to forget you ever wanted it, while watching how the gap fills up with the unpleasantness of regret.

Stop wanting - start doing. It really is as simple as that.