I'm going through a particularly tensive but exciting phase in my life. I gave up my job a few months ago - I have to find a new income source. I don't want to find another paid job that confines me to one place and a set 9-5 lifestyle - so I have to constantly be creative in thinking up alternatives.

The internet offers a good solution, but so far I've not managed to create more than just fleeting and intermittent earnings from product-promotion. My children's-book illustration assignments have dried up because publishers are cutting back on the number of books they publish. And my funds are running out. I can survive until end April, but I have to create some form of income before then... otherwise it's back to the work-floor.

But this is all part of the adventure - and as the pressure rises, I've been forced to re-asses my situation, and the choices that put me here. And then I have to put my present situation in the context of the "big picture"... what life really means to me; what my beliefs are; what I believe of potential and limitations and conditioned thinking... and what my true dreams and priorities are.

This keeps me just as busy as my physical development at this moment - so I've decided to include it in the theme of this site. I see physical development more and more as an integral part of the "whole" concept of "personal development and awareness". At the same time it serves well as a metaphor for complete mind and body wellness. And I don't want to limit myself to just the physical aspects of my transformation. So, I'm going to allow myself the freedom to talk on these pages about all aspects of my "adventure"  - and add a new category called "lifestyle".

And that opens up chances for me to talk about travel, writing, creativity, making money, music, philosophy and musings, risk-taking, lifestyle design, life the universe and everything...

I may have some serious financial concerns at this moment... but boy! am I excited.
He there,
Just back from a week in the Czech republic. Did some "langlaufen" - which in English is "Cross Country Skiing". Great experience, and I added a challenge for myself. I've got pictures and video, but it's going to take me a while to get those edited. Also tried my hand at "Snowboarding"... more about that later. But here's a couple of pics of the location to brighten up any winters day.
Continuing my adventure into video-blogging... No counting calories for me anymore.
I've finally taken action to start making videos for this site and blog - something I wanted to do from the beginning, but had to practise first. I'm still not great at it, but I'm satisfied with the result.

So as a first presentation attempt, I've made this video about handstand pushups, and what I went through to get to this stage. I've also started a You Tube channel for "my Great New Body", and the link for that is here. Only got two videos up at the moment though, and they're already featured on this blog.

My plan is to do a lot more video-blogging in the future... makes a nice change from just writing. See what you think.
 I want to start putting some video posts up - but yeah... I gotta learn the art of video presentation - it's not as easy as it looks. But I'm working hard on it, and I should be able to get my first serious attempts up within the next week (that's the plan anyway).

I've got the technical side sorted - at least on Windows MovieMaker... and good enough for You Tube (I think). I just opened a new account for this site, and I just uploaded my first video. You don't get to see me talking on camera just yet, but I've done something I think is pretty unique for a video on getting in shape - it's a review of the Shapeshifter Program... done to music. A self-written, self-performed song... see what you think.

I'd REALLY love some feedback on this folks...

It's said that everyone has a price - so what's yours?

What would it take for you to do what you want or need to do - to get fit; get in shape; lose weight; put on weight; improve your muscle-tone; to exercise regularly; to give up eating fattening foods; to diet correctly; to change your lifestyle and get active...? 

I'm not talking about price in money terms - I'm talking about your price in terms of effort and time.

If you could "get in shape" immediately - overnight - using a magic pill... would you take it?
If it took a day of self-denial and hard workouts... would you still go for it?
What about if it took a week... a month... 3 months... 6 months... a year... 2 years...?
Is there a point at which you say NO!, that's too long? How long is "too long" when put into the context of your whole life?

Wouldn't it be worth even, say 2 years, to transform your whole body, if you are going to enjoy it for the rest of your life?
Is 2 years of regular exercise and nutrition control more difficult and painful to endure than 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 more years of being overweight, out of breath, physically restricted, unhappy with your physique?

Is the chance of enjoying the rest of your life having a body you're truly happy with, not worth the time and effort of two years?

But our bodies don't need two years - at the most they need only one to burn off excessive body-fat. Most people could achieve their goals in half that time. It takes about two weeks to kick your metabolism up into fat-burning action. Within six weeks you can go from zero condition to being able to run 5 kilometers and more; from having minimum muscle-tone and strength to getting back to full natural fitness. Six weeks! Your body is THAT effective, THAT resilient.

But is six weeks too high a price?

Weigh it up for yourself:
Year in year out, dealing with fluctuating weight problems, weight rebound, numerous fad-diets, ineffective exercises and training routines, tiredness, soreness, minimum improvements, frustration, unhappiness, worry, stress, comfort binges, false starts, flailing enthusiasm and plummeting motivation...
...or 6 weeks of effective training and nutrition, and then it's all over and done with - relax and enjoy!


There is the "money" question too - how much would you pay to get in shape?
  • 100$ for an online program?
  • 300$ for a different program?
  • ?$ for yearly gym fees?
  • ?000$ for a personal trainer?
  • ?0000000$ for enhancement surgery?

And finally there's the "personal health" price: Does it take final medical advice to get you to take definitive action; or are your own desires and wishes important enough?

Everyone has their price... what's YOUR'S?


Question: How do YOU evaluate YOUR price? How do you balance "effort" and "reward"?
I've never been to a personal development seminar - never done a workshop. But PD has been an interest of mine throughout my life, and I've read about these seminars - even watched them in action on video. Groups of people with diverse personal issues, and goals for self-improvement. Lead by an "expert" (guru) who is there to inspire, motivate, and lead them to the discovery of their "inner power" and "unlimited potential" - helping them to overcome their fears.

A typical scenario is the fire-walking session... or learning to break a plank of wood with a karate chop. These experiences are intended to help the person overcome their conditioned beliefs about their capabilities and limitations. The idea is that breaking through a limiting belief on the physical plane will help them see through all their other limiting beliefs. 

The person thinks: "HEY! - I never thought I had the strength to chop through a piece of wood with my hands... but I did. I've been underestimating myself. Maybe I've also got what it takes to do other things I never thought I could do: be a success, be attractive, stop being afraid to take risks, start that new business, improve my whole life..."

The message is: break through your physical barriers first - then you'll have the references to help you break through all your psychological barriers... the ones that are really holding you back.

No-one ever set up a successful business just to prove to themselves they have what it takes to break wood with their hands.


Question: Who's had experience of Personal-Development seminars and workshops? And did they help? How?
Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.
"I can't lose weight, no matter what I try".
"It's in my genes".
"I have a problem with my glands".

This may be true for a few people - but they are in a very small minority. If you need to lose weight, (or gain it) the chances that YOU, among all people, belong to that minority is very small.

You are most likely just like the rest of us - with the same capacities to achieve the same results.

The only minority you should aim to be part of, is the category who know this and act on it. The minority who don't bother with excuses, but just get on with it and take control of their bodies.


Question: How do you get past your excuses?
Getting your body into shape is a goal much like any other. It starts with a desire, then a reason, then an analysis of the obstacles, then a decision, then a plan... and then the action - the steps that will get you there. Staying on that path is not so hard when the "whys and hows" are understood.

But even when you know why, and even when you know how, getting yourself motivated to take that first step onto your path can be your greatest obstacle.

I was noting down some topics for eventual blog-posts or articles, and realized that the titles I formulated read like motivational quotes. So I've decided, instead of just waiting until I write the full articles in depth, I could first post the titles, as a list of self-motivation tips/quotes - and let you interpret them for yourself.

Here's the list then, in no particular order... and I've included a couple of existing quotes I came across from other sources:
  • The chances are that you will live to be 90 - pace yourself...
  • A good home workout saves time and money.
  • What's better - getting in shape eventually... or never?
  • Nothing is hard - it just seems so until we know it, or can do it.
  • Start doing... or stop wanting.
  • Excuses are affirmations, that can quickly become truths.
  • What sort of body do you want to wear into your old age?
  • Be inspired by the adventure of yourself.
  • Live as if you're going to live forever.
  • Know why - then you'll know how.
  • Strive for progress, not perfection (unknown source)
  • Fear is what stops you - courage is what keeps you going (unknown source)
  • "It's never too late to become who you might have been" (George Elliot)
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? (unknown source)
  • All you need is your body, and gravity, to exercise efficiently.
  • When do you stop wanting - and start doing?
  • Good excuses don't make legitimate reasons.
  • Be in the minority... do what you say you're going to do.
  • It's not just your job to take care of your body... it's your privilage.
  • Why be content with using such a small percentage of your physical capacity?
  • Do you want a body like a sportscar... or a school-bus?
  • Get back in shape once... and be done with it.
  • Get back in shape now... and get it over and done with.
  • Discover your (physical) limitations... or create them.
  • The fear of getting old is a fear of losing control. Why set it up to happen?
  • Even small steps will get you there.
  • Even small improvements are successes.
  • Know what stops you - and stop that!
  • There are no real reasons to do anything - so make some... and make them good.
  • Life is an adventure - every path is open for exploration.
  • Be remarkable - even if it's only for you... especially if it's only for you.
  • Strive for functional fitness - not cosmetic.
  • Redesign yourself.

Question: Do you know any powerful motivational quotes or sayings, within the theme of physical improvement, getting in shape, losing weight etc.? We'd love to hear them. Share them here in the comments section.
Here's the natural and sure way to full-body fitness. Back to the playground...back to the woods... 

MovNat© is a fitness concept that teaches you how to move naturally with ease, power, and grace.  You  become very fit through the practice, and that fitness is applicable to any area of life.  MovNat is both a physical education system and activity that places at its core the full range of real-world, species-specific movement skills essential to the natural life of the human being.