Hi there, welcome to my first post. I'm still in the 4th week of the Shapeshifter program but I can't wait any longer to start writing here.

This blog is going to be an account of my "adventures into the physical". My intentions are to experience, try out, enjoy lots of different physical activities, and at the same time discover just what I'm capable of in my "senior" years. I chose the Shapeshifter program, as I've said before, because I believe their "body-weight" workouts are the perfect preparation of the body for "real" physical activities.

I could run, and get good at running; lift weights, and get good at lifting weights; or do a number of specific sports and get good in those areas too. But I want a body that can adapt to various physical situations and challenges - so I need full-body strength, agility, endurance and suppleness.

So, armed with my new Shapeshifter-conditioned body, I'm going to devote this year to doing all the exciting, energetic, dynamic and adventurous activities I can manage. This is the real benefit of getting in shape - looking good is a bonus.

Here's just a few of the things I want to try out: Parkours; Trampolining; Swimming; Diving; Climbing; Surfing; Skydiving; Base-jumping; Martial arts; Mountaineering; Fell-running; Horse riding; Sailing; Canoeing; Skating; Windsurfing; Skiing; Langlaufen; Waterskiing; Snowboarding; Long-distance hiking; Marathon running; Gymnastics; Scuba-diving; Hang-gliding; Cycle touring...

Enough to start with, and to ensure the continuing fitness and development of my body.
I'm starting with two relatively small challenges - see the next posts for details. It's going to be an adventurous journey... I hope you'll join me.

Are there any specific physical activities you dream about being able to do, some time in your life? Any challenges and ambitions? Any sports you still want to try? Let me know in the comments below... maybe I can add them to my list, and inspire you to take up the challenge for yourself.