Some of my friends and colleagues thought I was crazy, bordering on stupid; some thought I was naïve and a dreamer; others said I was courageous. All of them though are curious.

What did I do?  At 53, I quit my job and my steady monthly income, with only 3 months of supporting funds, to start a new life involving my creative interests, and pursuing a "ludicrous and whimsical" quest to recreate myself physically, using some (dubious) internet program of strange workouts and eating protocols.

I consider myself neither stupid nor courageous... I just don't consider myself "over the hill". My son is 19 and his whole life lies ahead of him. Filled with excitment and dreams, he's embarking on that great adventure of independency and self-discovery. He has no room in his head or heart for thoughts of old-age, security, pensions, impossibilities, improbabilities, societal conventions or expectations. "Life" lies ahead... and he wants to live it.

I feel exactly the same way... with all my further life ahead of me.

Over the hill?... please! I feel more like I'm on top of the hill - looking out over the vastness of a world still to be experienced. Freed from the baggage of peer-influence and insatiable youth-hormones; armed with the wisdom, clarity, emotional maturity and self-awareness of my years; and clothed in warm, fond memories of love and togetherness... I can take on the world.

There are other hills to climb. other strange, fresh, untrodden terrains to negotiate, other obstacles to conquer. But, more importantly, unlimited other aspects of myself and life to discover. I'm on top of a hill, but only one of many - and if I go over the hill, it's only to reach the foot of the next one and take on the challenge of climbing it.

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