Jumping jack and spiderman, omega-3 and multi-vit, sugar-junkie relapse, and a midday snooze...

4 days training on the run - time flies when you're having fun. I feel like I'm getting into it a little, like my days are based around my training instead of trying to fit it into an already busy lifestyle. But I think this is what I've always wanted - to focus on one thing for an extended time, and make it the priority. And this is the first time I've been inspired to make training the point of focus. It is after all only 6 weeks out of my life, with the promise of an improved physique, improved health, improved fitness, and more energy as a reward. It would be great if I didn't have to work as well, but I can't complain. Especially as my work gives me such a great place to work out in...
I've got my day routine pretty set now, and training before I go home works well for me - gives me the whole evening to enjoy my food, write up my notes on the day, and relax.

Today is wednesday - for me a half-day of work. I went home at 2pm, had a light snooze, then came back to my school to work out... had the place all to myself (with the exception of the cleaners).
The exercises were a repeat of monday's "Afterburner" routine. I feel like I've improved. At least I feel more comfortable in the way I'm doing the exercises - even managed to make it through the "stingers"... I managed 9 rounds of the recommended 10 - so not bad I think (compare that with monday's effort). The warm-up started with JumpingJacks - surprising just how tiring a full minute of these can be - followed by a strange crawling exercise called "spiderman"... because it just looks like spiderman climbing up a wall. We do it along the floor, which, for none-super-heroes like us is not much easier than trying to do it up a wall... I'll have to get this on video for you to see, so you know what I mean - comical!
Anyhow, I'm happy with what I did, I'm happy with my training room, and I'm getting less frustrated with the meal organization. Today I had omelette again for breakfast, almonds for snack, chicken for lunch, a post-workout snack of protein-mix, and fish for dinner - this is not a starvation diet!
But it's not all success and ease... I had one sweet-milky-capuccino this morning and it was very good. And in the evening, with my "black" coffee, I risked one biscuit. This is probably ridiculous and won't make much difference to my daily calorie intake, but it's interesting to experience the power of even a biscuit. You think it would be easy to just stop eating them, but I got into the habit of eating about 5 of them every night with my coffee, and with a chocolate bar on the side... guess I've become a sort of junkie. At least I get to understand how it must be for the real sugar-junkies - the slaves to creamy buns and tart and cake and cookies and doughnuts and lots of sugar in their drinks...
Still, in the end, no matter how difficult it is, the goal has to be more important than the instant pleasure of such foods.


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